TypingTutor in Java


TypingTutor in Java


Hello friends, Again we come with an interesting Desktop Application written in Java by using Swing API. We created a application that will help you to increase your typing speed and accuracy by providing test and analyses. Basically in this application you have to type the content of your choice from the list in a specific time limit and after completion of time it will show result in terms of Accuracy,Typing Speed, Actual speed.

About The Program

It is a very simple program in this program we have created three classes for three different section (HomeWindowSection, TypingWindowSection, ResultWindowSection) and one main class (TypingTutor) that controls the whole operation. we have used many comments in my program so you can easily understand that if you are familiar with java you can have a look and understand the program from our GitHub account by clicking here. If you find any difficulty in codes or any query regarding this application then feel free to contact us in comments section.

How to use Typing Tutor?

For using this your system must have java installed. Now clone the repository TypingTutor from our github profile or click here. After cloning follow this simple steps:-

  • Go to terminal
  • Locate the folder where you have located TypingTutor
  • Compile the TypingTutor.java and then run.
  • Your Typing Tutor is now dispayed.


Commands for compiling and running the application.

-javac TypingTutor.java
-java Typing Tutor

Thanks for reading this blog hope you will enjoy this program and appreciate us in comment section. If you have any query or suggestion for then simply comment below we are always ready to help you. Have a nice day

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