HiliSyntax() – A Syntax Highlighter


HiliSyntax() – A Syntax Highlighter



HiliSyntax is an Open Source Syntax Highlighter tool written in Javascript. It simple, fast and easy to use. It is developed by members of BlareGroup. We create this for practice purpose if you also want to contribute in HiliSyntax then go and check our Github repo here. or you can comment us below we will guide you.

HiliSyntax helps you to highlight code in your Blog or Webpage. It is very simple and very easy to use.

How to use?

You can use this tool in two different ways to Highlight code in your Blog or webpage.

  1. By Adding a Link of HiliSyntax JS file in you Blog or Webpage
  2. By using our Live Editor Tool.

Let’s discuss both method one by one:-

1. By Adding a Link of HiliSyntax JS file in you Blog or Webpage:-

Steps to use this method:-

1.First of all you have to paste the bellow script tag or text Between the head tag in you webpage.

< script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://cdn.statically.io/gh/blaregroup/HiliSyntax/master/js/HiliSyntax_Link.js” > < /script >

2. Now After pasting the text you have to create a pre tag and write your code inside the pre tag.

For eg:-

< pre >
//your code
< /pre >

3. After writing the code now you have to add class in your pre tag. Add eighter HiliSyntax_Light or HiliSyntax_Dark.

For eg:-

< pre class=”HiliSyntax_Light” >
//your code
< /pre >

4. Congrats now your code is highlighted.

2. By using our Live Editor Tool.

Steps to use this method:-

  1. First of all open the HiliSyntax Live Editor Tool by clicking here.
  2. In Editor write your code or paste the code on left side and on other side Highlighted code will be generated automatically.
  3. Default Theme is Dark but you can choose Light Theme By clicking on Light Theme Button or you can try unlimited Theme by Clicking on Shuffle Theme button.
  4. Once you are done with code or choosing right theme then click on copy code button it will copy the whole code for you and then paste it in your Webpage or Blog where ever you want to be.
  5. It’s done the colorful Code.

Preview HiliSyntax – A Syntax Highlighter


  • Himanshu Sharma (himanshusharma2972@gmail.com)
  • Slowest Wind (slowestwind@gmail.com)

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