CodeRail -Text Editor

CodeRail is a Open Source Text Editor written in Pure Java Language. It is a Light Weight and Cross Platform Editor. It is Developed by members of BlareGroup. We create this for practice purpose if you also want to contribute in CodeRail then go and check our Github repo here. or you can comment us…
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Create Bouncing Ball Pattern in java

Hello friends,I’m Himanshu. Today i’m going share my new pattern design program written in java. As we all know pattern designing is the best way to enhance our logical building skill. so try to learn form today’s code for understand logic building. Comments and suggestion are most welcome. About Program In this program we will…
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Create and Move your name on terminal in java. (Pattern design)

Hello there,I’m Himanshu. Today I’m going to tell you an  interesting program for improving your pattern designing skill. So read the full blog to understand structure of program and share it with your friends for improving their knowledge and also if you have any suggestion,query so comment below tell me the topic which you want…
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Write Snake Game in JavaScript from Scratch

Hello Friends, I’m Himanshu. Today I am going to share my new snake game program written in JavaScript and little bit HTML, CSS. As it is written in html,JavaScript so you can run it on a browser. My Friends also posted the snake game in java language so you can also check that too on…
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Write Number Quiz Game in Java Swing from Scratch

Hello Friends,I’m Himanshu a student of Java Programming.Today I am going to share my latest Number Quiz Game Code which is basically a GUI based Game written in Java Swing. I wrote this code for practice purpose only and any comment/suggestions are most welcome. In this game you have to solve a Mathematic equation within…
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Write Snake Game From Scratch in Java Swing

Hello There, My Name Is Suraj and I’m also new student of Java Programming. Today, I am going to share with you, my latest written Java Snake Game Code. I Wrote These Codes Only for Practice Purpose Only And YES! Comment And Suggestion are Welcome. As We Know, Java programming is very Strict About Object…
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